Anyone can use Routics

It doesn’t matter if you’re a single vehicle owner or the manager of a large fleet, our robust and powerful algorithms can adapt to your needs.

You can start using Routics now

Routics is cloud based (just like your email). No need to install software or setup equipment, just a computer and internet connection.

Plan, execute and monitor your routes

Setup your own constraints (e.g. time windows), optimize your routes and monitor driver performance. All available anywhere any time.

There are no restrictions to use Routics

You can manage hundreds of vehicles and customers, from different Distribution Centers, as well as multiple routes simultaneously.

Friendly user interfase

Routics’ friendly user interface allows you to quickly type/import demand and plan daily routes. The results are display on a map and can easily be printed.

Your data will be secure and available just for you

With the administrator account you control access and responsibilities. All the information is encrypted and stored in our secure servers so you don’t have to worry.

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