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Routics is an easy to use online tool for vehicle route planning and optimization, accessible for every business and everyone. Deliver more driving less.

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Easy, peasy…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a single driver or manager of a large fleet; Routics provides route planning and optimization, made easy. Complex algorithms as those used by the “big dogs” for delivery or pickup/collection, but fitted just for you… no technical training required!

Save, save, save!

Our algorithms help you save multi-address, multi-stop, multi-vehicle; following your own constraints. Save time, miles, gas, vehicles, payroll, maintenance, etc… in summary; reduce the cost per order and save money! Some say even up to 50%!

Supervise your drivers

Supervise and control your drivers without expensive equipment or complex systems; just great planning and common sense.

Improve your efficiency

Beat your competition! Increase resource utilization, deliver more and driving less. No need to put more vehicles on the road, just make smarter deliveries.

Great service requires more than willingness

Improve customer service by planning your routes and meeting time windows, estimating accurate times of arrival and scheduling distribution times.

Your operation in a glimpse for great decisions!

Just with a click, obtain visual statistics, trends, key process indicators (KPIs), historical performance, driver evaluations, and utilization, among others. All your data secured in the cloud and ready for you (and only for you) anytime, anywhere.

Last but not least. Save the planet!

A delivery step van traveling 16,500 miles per year consumes over 30 barrels of oil and produces emissions equivalent to 17 tons of CO2. Making your fleet more efficient, you’re helping save the planet!

Intelligence for your routes, savings for your business.

Deliver more driving less.

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